Rachel Weaver Photography studio 8T4. Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders by Rod McRae.

Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders & why Rod McRae is my Idol

Wunderkammer Arrives in WA

17 March - 20 May 2017  |  at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
On Friday night the 17th of March, Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders by Artist Rod McRae, officially opened at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery. It is the first time that this amazing exhibition has travelled across to Western Australia, and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to view it in person.

Portals to Another World

Wunderkammer is a visually spectacular feast of the weird and wonderful, created from ethically sourced taxidermy animals. Using real animals gives the pieces a true sense of authenticity and intrigue, while filling your heart with empathy and sorrow. It's unusual sense of wonder, each piece addressing a different issue, raising awareness and curiosity. Although long deceased, taxidermy has given these animals a sense of immortal life and a powerful presence. It's not every day you can stand beside the magnificence of a lion or polar bear.

If you live in Geraldton or the Mid West area, do yourself a favor and head down to see this astounding exhibition while you can, before it closes on the 20th of May 2017.

View more of my photos of Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders taken at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

I would like to believe that art can make a difference!
- Rod McRae


German Origin. A place where a collection of curiosities and rarities are exhibited.

Terrible Tracy

Just when I thought I couldn't possible like or appreciate Artist Rod McRae more, I jumped online to do a bit of extra  research for this article. I was very surprised to discover that Rodney McRae started out as children's book author and illustrator. Intrigued, I googled books by Rodney McRae to see if I knew any...mind blown!

Never in a million years would I have guess that the Artist behind Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders was also responsible for the creation of my favorite childhood book Terrible Tracy! I was given Terrible Tracy by my parents at the age of 5 and still have it dearly in my possession. I love this book so much, it is destined to become a family heirloom. A Cautionary Tale of a very mean little girl and her monster plant who pair up and cause nothing but trouble. When her selfish behavior eventually turns towards her plant, things end badly for Tracy...The illustrations are amazing and so original. I still love to pick it up - 27 years later.

Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders by Artist Rod McRae. Terrible Tracey by Rodney McRae.

The Art of Taxidermy and Skinning

19 May 2017  |  7pm-9pm at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
Natalie Delaney-John from Rest in Pieces will also be running a one hour talk on the traditional practice of taxidermy, followed by a skinning demonstration and Q&A time. Wine will be provided and Revival Kits will also be available to purchase on the evening. I've booked my ticket! If you have an open mind and a healthy curiosity book your ticket now and I'll see you there!

In Closing

I would like to thank Rod McRae for bringing his exhibition Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders over to Western Australia and for the significant creation of the best children's book ever - Terrible Tracy. Many thanks also to the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

Rod McRae

Find out more about Wunderkammer
Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Terrible Tracy

Sadly, the only place I was able to find Terrible Tracy available for purchase was on Ebay Australia
I'm guessing most people are refusing to surrender their copies.

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