Pink Lake Road

Pink Lake Road Logo Design & Brand Identity

Wildly expressive and creative at heart. Full of adventure, ready to explore and make memories. Pink Lake Road offers a unique perspective of Western Australia and all of it’s natural beauty in an evolving range of textiles, creative projects and homewares.

The Pink Lake Road brand has been designed to reflect our unique West Australian coast and natural treasures. Appealing to both locals and tourists looking for adventure and a little piece of WA to call their own. The “X” signifies an exciting destination, while also marking their keepsakes as treasures that should be sought after and cherished. It’s brush stroke appearance captures the silhouette of our very own Pink Lake here in Western Australia. The Pink Lake Road shell is art deco in style, with a central plant/seaweed like structure running vertically in a herringbone pattern.

Join Pink Lake Road and be inspired.