Hard Pressed

Hard Pressed – Go Big

Hard Pressed was born in 2016 from an idea and an opportunity. The idea was that of Lizzy Robinson, a local Print Maker. The opportunity came from the City of Greater Geraldton and the Art & Cultural Development Council of Geraldton (ACDC).

I had heard of ‘Steamroller’ printing is loose term used to describe the process of printing large scale woodcuts with a steamroller or road roller. So that’s what we did. A small group of Midwest artists and the Geraldton community created giant woodcuts. We printed these, all together in one day, and yes, it was with a road roller. What a memorable event on the Geraldton Foreshore.

The prints were exhibited in Geraldton and were also invited to show in Fremantle, at DADAA’s Freight Gallery.

Hard Pressed 2016

I participated in Hard Pressed 2016 as an artist creating my own giant woodcut print (pictured above) titled Drink with the Flies, as well as assisting Lizzy with the design and supply of the exhibition catalogue.


Hard Pressed 2017

The following year, over twenty Midwest artists participated to create giant woodcuts. Sixty small ones were also given out to the interested public, with free weekly carving sessions provided by Creative Director Lizzy Robinson. Lizzy undertook an extensive series of workshops, engaging a range of community groups from around the Midwest, with each organisation proudly creating their own woodcuts.

With Hard Pressed reaching new levels of interest and participation, I had A LOT of work to do on my end! Again I participated as an artist, creating my own giant woodcut print Beware the Bog Monsters that Dwell in my Savage Garden.

I also assisted Lizzy with the following projects;

  • Logo Design
  • Invitations
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Exhibition Catalogue
  • Event Photography
  • Artwork Photography
  • Website Design


Geraldton Universities Centre

Geraldton Universities Centre Rebrand

Capturing the positive experience that is studying at GUC, the uplifting new logo has a strong focus on student goals, achievement and their unique support network.


The repeated stripes are inspired by the rainbow, symbolic of chasing dreams. These stripes are staggered to represent student growth and progress. The outer most line continues onward and upwards to show that students of GUC can indeed reach high standards, great opportunities and outstanding results. The logo embodies a student, arms uplifted in celebration. The circular head symbolic of completion, fulfilment and focus.

If you want to study #universitywhereyoulive then touch base with GUC today.

N5 Wine

N5 Wine Logo Design & Business Cards

N5 Wine offers wine tasting events and consultancy. The N5 has personal significance to my client Justin, who originally hails from England. The logo background captures the N5 area in the underground London tube map. A wine glass is formed by the number 5 and letter i conveying his expertise and knowledge in the area. The fonts have a touch of vintage nostalgia, reminiscent of old signage and labels.

The Back Room

The Back Room Logo Design

Available for private functions and events, “The Back Room” at Cutler + Smith holds up to 100 people and is a perfect space for an intimate get together or a wild party. The function space boasts a private bar, discreet rear entrance and an elevated stage.

My client wanted a simple black and white logo to compliment the Cutler + Smith branding, but with more of a grungy edge to reflect the industrial styling of the interior. Very much my vibe! I created the logo in both stacked and landscape arrangements for versatility, as well inverted versions.

I also happily assisted Cutler + Smith with some additional projects including a menu template, gift certificates, bottleneck tags and a DL flyer.

Need a space for your upcoming event? Book “The Back Room” at Cutler + Smith.

Art & Co Creatives

Art & Co Creatives Logo Design

It was important to my client that their new logo was appealing to emerging artists, and encouraged a continued involvement in the arts community. It had to be welcoming, funky and fresh.

The final logo is a celebration of creativity with a clever use of negative space. The easel is an highly recognised and easily identified artistic tool, regardless of personal background or experience. From student all the way through to professional, the easel makes it immediately clear the types of goods and services on offer. The rainbow is representative of a range of artistic mediums and the creative process of mixing colours, while also symbolising hope, youthfulness, acceptance and pride.

Art & Co Creatives will be officially opening April 2021, offering fine art supplies, local artworks, studio and creatives hub in the Geraldton CBD. A community of sharing and creativity.

Pink Lake Road

Pink Lake Road Logo Design & Brand Identity

Wildly expressive and creative at heart. Full of adventure, ready to explore and make memories. Pink Lake Road offers a unique perspective of Western Australia and all of it’s natural beauty in an evolving range of textiles, creative projects and homewares.

The Pink Lake Road brand has been designed to reflect our unique West Australian coast and natural treasures. Appealing to both locals and tourists looking for adventure and a little piece of WA to call their own. The “X” signifies an exciting destination, while also marking their keepsakes as treasures that should be sought after and cherished. It’s brush stroke appearance captures the silhouette of our very own Pink Lake here in Western Australia. The Pink Lake Road shell is art deco in style, with a central plant/seaweed like structure running vertically in a herringbone pattern.

Join Pink Lake Road and be inspired.