“Gloria” Now Available on Paperback and Kindle!

Gloria Moon was a young lady who…

I'm very excited to announce, that our children's book Gloria is finally available on both paperback and Kindle! Gloria was a character I sketched up late one night while working as a dog groomer. Since my mum is a keen writer, I thought it would be the perfect mother-daughter project. So, over coffee the next morning I asked mum if she was keen to write up a story complimentary to my character - of course she was!

Time to Illustrate

Once mum had completed her manuscript, it was back to me to break up the text into a storyboard and complete the illustrations. After sketching out roughs and making a mock up, I created the final illustrations in alcohol ink markers and Prismacolor Pencils. I'm not going to lie, the traditional method took a REALLY long time!

Constructing a Children’s Book

Once all of my illustrations were finished, I scanned them at high resolution and laid up the images with the story as print ready. The cover was created and Gloria was officially born! I've had been waiting for work to "quieten" down to get it online, and it simply hasn't for a very long time (not that I'm complaining). So I toughed it out about a month ago and finally ticked it off my to-do list!

About Gloria

Gloria is in big BIG trouble at Madame Babbette's Hair Salon: oh calamity! Her peculiar hairstyles, absent-mindedness, outraged clients, and stroppy supervisor, mean that Gloria's job is ON THE LINE. But when an unexpected opportunity arises to use her hairdressing skills a little differently... on clients with more than two legs, let's say... suddenly things start to look up, and Gloria is in demand! Rachel Weaver's humorous and delightfully detailed illustrations bring the gang at Madame Babbettes to life - and more! in this rollicking, joyful account of Gloria's chance to shine.

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver

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Rachel began her upbringing in the tiny mining towns of Cue and Leinster where isolation provided ample room for a rapidly growing imagination. A passion for learning and the experimentation of media has led her to become a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on illustration, design, art and photography. She resides in her hometown of Geraldton, Western Australia with her partner, two dogs, two cats and billion plants.
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