Free Watercolor Social Media Set by Rachel Weaver @ studio 8T4 - Freelance artist, graphic designer & photographer. Geraldton, Western Australia.

Free Watercolor Social Media Icon Set of 10

10 beautifully crafted icons, created from one of my original abstract paintings. RGB png files for web use. Free for personal and commercial use. Three sizes included, in colour & greyscale:

  • 32 x 32px
  • 64 x 64px
  • 256 x 256px

Free Black and White Printable Watercolor Hugs & Kisses

Free black and white printable art for your wall! Created from one of my original watercolor abstract paintings. Free for personal and commercial use. Includes one hug and one kiss.

  • 300dpi
  • 20cm x 20cm
  • 2 x RGB JPG Files

Free Printable OctoPuss Coloring Page

Download and immediately enjoy coloring this awesome printable original OctoPuss illustration by Rachel Weaver. Free for personal use only.

  • 1 x PDF File

Free Printable 50mm Bokeh Shapes Photography Template

Download and make some awesome Bokeh filters to shape the light in your photography. Sized for 50mm lenses but can be trimmed down or enlarge/decreased by adjusting the print percentage. These work awesome with my Fuji x100s!

Read my Bokeh Photography Tutorial

  • 1 x PDF File
  • 1 x JPG File

Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 freebie - Free Printable Long Lashed Ladies Transfers.

Free Printable Long Lashed Ladies Transfers

Free Printable Download for online students of Debbie Crothers Polymer Clay Image Transfer Beads Tutorial. Make yourself some awesome, original beads featuring my Long Lashed Ladies! 

Watch Deb's Tutorial Enrol Here

  • 1 x PDF File
  • 1 x JPG File

Free Printable Colouring Page by David Francisco

Free Printable Colouring page by New York Cabal Artist David Francisco.

Read his Guest Post Getting into Street Art with David Francisco

  • 1 x JPG File