Free OctoPuss Coloring Page & 9 Benefits of Coloring

For the Love of Coloring

I've been super busy lately, working away on my website and personal branding. It's an ongoing labour of love, but I'm hoping one day it will all be somewhat "finished". On my to-do list, was of course adding some more goodies for all my readers to enjoy. What's better and more enjoyable than a free printable coloring page?!

Coloring and drawing were my absolute favorite activities as a child. I actually have a permanent "pencil dent" on the side of my middle finder that will never go away. A new coloring book was my idea of pure heaven. So I've decided to gift you with my OctoPuss coloring page, which you can download for free below!

Free Printable Coloring Page by Artist Rachel Weaver. Download her original OctoPuss illustration.

9 Benefits of Coloring

If you're searching for a reason to take up coloring, other than it's awesome - just take a look at some of the benefits discussed below;

1.  Reduce your stress & anxiety Levels

Coloring is a great meditative activity. Let your worries drift away and lose yourself in your evolving masterpiece. Treasure some quiet time alone, or get together socially with a group of friends and open up a bottle of wine.

2.  Increase your focus & creativity

Colouring uses your focus to engage with the image and details within it, putting both sides of your brain to use while you select the colors and hone your techniques. Studies have shown an increase in areas of concentration, focus and creativity.

3.  Decorate or gift your masterpieces

Your completed masterpieces will be perfect for decorating your home. Hang them proudly on display. Or pass them along to friends and family to treasure.

4.  Express yourself

Let out all those pent up emotions and frustrations, and put them down in ink and pencil. What you are creating is uniquely yours. A visual representation of your inner self. Demonstrating the connection from your mind, to heart, to hand.

5.  Time away from technology

Sitting on your phone or iPad before bed, can leave you with some pretty scary dark circles under your eyes. Avoid the disruptive effects of blue light on your sleep cycle, and switch to some relaxing coloring time instead.

6.  It's easy to do anywhere

Pack up your pencils and find a flat surface - and that's it - your ready to go! Take advantage of that spare hour, half hour or even ten minutes and make some time for yourself.

7.  It's really is for all ages

Whether your a child, teen, adult, or if you're kicking back in a retirement home looking for some action. Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, ANYONE can color and enjoy the benefits.

8.  There's no right or wrong way to color

Inside or outside the lines - it's up to you and your personal preferences. Be as creative as you like and make the coloring page into your very own masterpiece. Fill larger areas with patterns if you want to, try a variety of different media, choose your favourite colors and have fun!

9.  It can increase your self esteem

As your skills increase and your techniques improve, your finished artworks will only get better and better. Seeing your completed, beautiful pieces will give you a sense of achievement and boost your self esteem.

Coloring in progress, by Ann Tuddenham

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver

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Rachel began her upbringing in the tiny mining towns of Cue and Leinster where isolation provided ample room for a rapidly growing imagination. A passion for learning and the experimentation of media has led her to become a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on illustration, design, art and photography. She resides in her hometown of Geraldton, Western Australia with her partner, two dogs, two cats and billion plants.
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Maureen Kennedy
3 years ago

So cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

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