Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Set 2 Review & Colour Swatching

Colours Included

In my last post we had a good look at Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Set 1 - the beautiful colours included and some of the unique properties of India Ink. So now, lets get stuck into Set 2 and do a bit of comparison.

Again, we will colour swatch and trial Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Set 2. These India Inks are pigment based (not dye based) so have outstanding vibrance, are lightfast and permanent. Colours included in Set 2 are;

  • Golden Yellow, Orange, Tangerine, Crimson, Cherry Red, Red Violet, Aqua, Turquoise, Yellow Ochre, Terra Cotta, Van Dyke Brown and Sepia

Two Sizes to Choose From

Dr. Ph. Martin's India Inks come in two different sizes - again I went with the larger 30ml (1 oz) glass bottles, with 12 colours included in the set. Half size bottles are also available if you're on a tighter budget, or just want to try them out before splurging on a larger order. The handy dropper makes extracting a specific amount on ink quick and easy, though be careful not to push out air bubbles as they can pop and splatter.

I'm working on a sheet of Art Spectrum 210gsm Draw & Wash Paper which you might remember from my Ironlak Watercolour Pencil Review a few posts back.

The inks have a wonderful luminance and transparency, except for the 4 shades of brown (Sepia, Van Dyke Brown, Terracotta and Yellow Ochre) which are more opaque and a bit grainy in appearance . While no black or white is included in this set, translucent pastels can be created by simply diluting with water and shades could optionally be darkened with the Sepia.

These non-toxic inks can also be used with a dip pen, air brush and technical pen (though I only had the paintbrush and dip pen to trial). The inks do tend to seperate if they have been sitting a while, but a quick shake of the bottle quickly sorts that out.

Water Soluble When Wet

Mix inks together to create custom shades or let them bleed freely into each other or "bloom" when wet.

Waterproof When Dry

Once dry, India Ink becomes waterproof! Allow your work to dry and layer colours with no bleeding.

Colour Swatching

Here are all 12 hues from Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Set 2 colour swatched and oh so luscious! The colours are quite warm and could be described as earth tones - this set would be great for landscape artists.

I absolutely love these colours and how they work together - however Cherry Red and Red Violet are too similar for my liking. It would be nice to switch one of those out for something a bit different. Also Aqua is very close to Teal that is included in Set 1, so it's almost a double up there also.

See a comparison of both sets below;

Bombay Set 1

Bombay Set 2

Creating an Artwork

I had an ink piece to create for the lovey Lizzy Robinson (Hard Pressed Creative Director) who requested "murky" colours - the perfect opportunity to try out some of the browns included in Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Set 2 and a few small touches of colour and black from Set 1.

I put a few drops of these colours onto a palette, creating custom shades and mixing as I worked. I just love the variations of tone that can be achieved. Such a small amount  goes a surprisingly long way, so they are really quite good value for such a high quality product.

While unfortunately I can't recommend Amazon due to their careless packaging of my order, you can get some inks of your own directly from Dr. Ph. Martin's or Jacksons Drawing Supplies

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver

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