Are you a sole trader or employ staff? How many? Do you have a single or multiple locations? Are you a small local business or large corporation?
Brand new or established? How many years trading?
Just yourself? Any business partners? Perhaps a committee?
If a Comprehensive Style Guide is not required, a Basic Style Sheet will be provided. Logo files for print and web use are provided on concept finalisation as standard, with embroidery conversion being an additional option.
Please detail what service(s) or product(s) your business offers, location etc. Is there a story or history that is unique to your company?
The particular group of consumers your product(s) or services(s) are aimed at.
Please provide links where possible and explain how their business differs from your own.
Only if applicable.
modern, elegant, feminine, playful, bold, vintage, retro, industrial, minimal, decorative, etc...
Please advise if there are any particular colours you would like to explore or avoid. Is there are certain object, icon, building, animal or person that you identify with? If you are rebranding, are there any elements of your existing logo that you would like to retain?
List 5 examples of logos that you like and why, with links provided. This is VERY IMPORTANT, as it will give me a clear idea of your visual style preferences. Logos selected do not have to be of the same industry as your business. If this project is a re-brand, please also include a link to your existing logo. If you prefer, you can email your example directly through to


Logo design is an exciting, in-depth process. Please submit the following form to receive a project proposal. Providing as much detail as possible is key to creating strongest logo concepts for your business.

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