Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer.

Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Want to be a Freelancer? Time for a change? Perhaps you'd like to be a Freelance Artist, Graphic Designer or Photographer? I switched to Freelancing a few years ago, and I've never been happier! It's a career that allows me total creative freedom and flexibility.However, It's definitely a big decision to make. If you're lacking in...

How to Make your own Gesso. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Artist and Designer.

How to Make Your Own Gesso

Why use Gesso?Gesso acts as a primer and barrier, providing a tooth to trap pigment and also reducing absorption into your chosen work surface. Gesso can be applied thickly to create a textured surface, or thinned down and applied in multiple coats.Use it to prime paper, cardboard, canvas, wood and more. Some canvases can be purchased pre-gessoed.You...

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