ArtDrive 2017 Insectum Obsession

Patience is a Virtue

2017 has been the busiest year yet for me as a Freelance Creative! I've been going non-stop for months working on multiple projects and had little time to post on my poor neglected website. So a big thank you must be said to my ever patient subscribers! I really do appreciate you standing by me.

Last time I left you hanging with a sneak peek of this years ArtDrive installation, artwork by myself and Kim Tetlow. Well, our collaborative piece Insectum Obsession has been successfully completed and installed out on McConkey Road in Greenough!

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. ArtDrive 2017 work in progress.

ArtDrive 2017 Sneak Peek

Works in Progress

It's cold and rainy here in Geraldton, and windy as all hell. The perfect weather for some quiet studio time and to catch up on my blogging! With ArtDrive 2017 quickly approaching, I thought I would share a little sneak peek with you at some of my works in progress...

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. Make a mini carnivorous plant bog garden.

Make a Mini Carnivorous Plant Bog Garden

It all Started with a Venus Flytrap

I have always been fascinated by Venus Flytraps and other weird creepy plants in general. I vaguely remember having a VFT on our kitchen windowsill when I was a kid. Unfortunately, it didn't end up living too long. Now I'm all grown up (aka old), I decided to actually do some research, and give it another go. Excited and reminiscing about the awesomeness of Little Shop of Horrors and Nintendo Piranha Plants, I set off on my mission. Success! I managed to pick up a small green and red Fang flytrap at Bunnings.

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. Atelier Drawing Ink & Speedball Dip Pen Product Review.

Speedball Dip Pen & Atelier Drawing Ink Review

Which is the Best Dip Pen?

I was super excited to receive my dip pen in the post a couple of weeks ago, and I finally found the time to sit down and try it out! Not having much experience in dip pens, I was pretty happy to stumble upon a set specifically for cartooning, rather than calligraphy. As I was wanting to try it out as a medium for illustration purposes, it sounded like the most promising choice for me. Now you can read all about it, right here in my Speedball Dip Pen Review.

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. Getting into Street Art with David Francisco Guest Post & Free Colouring Page.

Getting into Street Art with David Francisco

Guest Post by Artist David Francisco



My name Is David Francisco I am an artist living in Binghamton NY.

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray

I have been Painting, making music, and making street art my whole life. Recently within the past 5-10 years I have been documenting it on myspace, facebook and instagram. I am writing this because I want to encourage others to be creative and leave their own unique mark on this planet.

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer.

Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Want to be a Freelancer? 

Time for a change? Perhaps you'd like to be a Freelance Artist, Graphic Designer or Photographer? I switched to Freelancing a few years ago, and I've never been happier! It's a career that allows me total creative freedom and flexibility.

However, It's definitely a big decision to make. If you're lacking in confidence or unsure, then taking the plunge can be somewhat terrifying. If your day job is bringing you down, then keep on reading...

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Rachel Weaver Photography studio 8T4. Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders by Rod McRae.

Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders & why Rod McRae is my Idol

Wunderkammer Arrives in WA

17 March - 20 May 2017  |  at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
On Friday night the 17th of March, Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders by Artist Rod McRae, officially opened at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery. It is the first time that this amazing exhibition has travelled across to Western Australia, and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to view it in person.

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. Bokeh Photography Tutorial & Free Bokeh Shapes Template.

Bokeh Photography Tutorial & Free Bokeh Shapes Template

What is Bokeh?

Bokeh comes from the Japanese term Boke, that literally translates to Blur in English. It is a popular photographic effect that can be achieved using a shallow depth of field, creating selective focus in your image. It is particular effective for creating creamy blurred areas, or isolating your subject from a busy or undesirable background. Perfect for portraiture. It can also transform light sources into spectacular orbs, or other interesting shapes if templates are used.

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4. Shop Art, Crafts & Activities. Make Your Own Sharkmarks Printable Bookmarks.

Make Your Own Sharkmarks! Printable Bookmarks

I love coming up with fun little DIY activities - for kids and grown ups alike! My nephew Ned is absolutely obsessed with sharks and knows all the different types. It's actually pretty dam impressive seeing how quickly he absorbs the information and has it memorised. In fact, Ned was the inspiration behind this cool downloadable goodie Make Your Own Sharkmarks! Printable bookmarks.

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Free OctoPuss Coloring Page & 9 Benefits of Coloring

For the Love of Coloring

I've been super busy lately, working away on my website and personal branding. It's an ongoing labour of love, but I'm hoping one day it will all be somewhat "finished". On my to-do list, was of course adding some more goodies to my Freebies for all my readers to enjoy. What's better and more enjoyable than a free printable coloring page?!

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Mixed media abstract painting on board by Artist Rachel Weaver. Project 8T4 #5 Two Cloaked People on Horseback with Pink Squirty Guns

Two Cloaked People on Horseback with Pink Squirty Guns

Did my title catch your attention?

I recently completed another experimental abstract piece, consisting of heavily applied watercolor, gouache, indian ink and homemade gesso. I lost count of exactly how many layers I applied to this artwork, but it was at least 12. 

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Watercolor Social Media Icon Set by Rachel Weaver @ studio 8T4 - Freelance artist, graphic designer & photographer. Geraldton, Western Australia.

Get Your Free Watercolor Social Media Icon Set

10 Free Watercolor Icons 

My website is a constant work in progress, and one thing that was still bothering me were the social media icons. They were just a bit standard and had no "wow" factor. So I decided to create my own Free Social Media Icon Set to suit my website perfectly.

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#whyiloveGero Banners Photography Competition Winners, Marine Terrace Geraldton. Photography by Rachel Weaver.

#whyiloveGero Banners Photography Competition Winners


Late last year, I decided to get involved in the #whyiloveGero Banners Photography Competition being held by the City of Greater Geraldton. The lucky winners would have their photos printed on the banners that are displayed on Marine Terrace - our main shopping strip located in the centre of town.

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M. Graham Watercolor Paints Review blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Freelance Artist and Designer Geraldton.

M. Graham Watercolor Paints Review

A bit about M. Graham & Co

M. Graham is an American company which was founded 22 years ago by a couple of artists who shared a passion for quality artist supplies. They are environmentally minded – dedicated to solvent free manufacturing, re-purposing older equipment and keeping production waste low. Among their product range, are the M. Graham Watercolor Paints. Continue reading

Action Painting - Painting Without A Brush blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Freelance Artist and Designer Geraldton.

Action Painting – How to Paint Without a Brush

So, What is Action Painting?

Action Painting (also known as Gestural Abstraction) is the energy charged practice of applying paint in a spontaneously manner rather than carefully with a brush. It's an exciting process, often with very exciting results!

The art movement is closely associated with Abstract Expressionism and was most prevalent  in the 1940's to early 1960's. It celebrates the physical act and process of creating, more so than the final piece. You have probably heard of Jackson Pollock (aka Jack the Dripper) and his unique style of drip painting?

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Member Berries for Christmas blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Artist and Designer.

MAD Clay by Blackwattle Pottery Review

Model Air Drying Clay by Blackwattle Pottery

MAD Clay is an air dry clay which hardens without firing or baking. Similar to DAS air dry clay, which I have used over the years but certainly not fallen in love with. Though I'll admit that I haven't used DAS anytime recently, and would interested to see if it has changed.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait blog post. Arrival of Fabriano Paper and M.Graham Watercolors. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Artist and Designer.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

But Waiting for Australia Post Sucks so Bad...

I grew up hearing 'Good things come to those who wait' and in general, I am a pretty patient person. However, I ordered myself some lovely new art supplies mid December hoping they would arrive before Christmas. I was not so lucky, and they got held up over the Chrissy break.

With the sad closing down of our Jackson's Drawing Supplies we are now left with little choice locally. Thank god for online shopping, but patience really is a virtue. 

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