Rachel Weaver

Receiving her first camera in the form of a cardboard disposable, Rachel discovered the fascinating medium that is Photography. Although initial pictures were disappointing (to say the least), they were the beginning of something quite special. She studied throughout school - shooting in black and white film, developing prints and loving every minute of the magic unfolding.

After completing a Bachelor Degree of Visual Art, Rachel began her journey into the print and design industry before stepping out on her own as a Freelance Graphic Designer in 2015. She continues to provide a broad range of creative services to clients, from branding to print marketing.

Lecturing at Central Regional Tafe, Rachel has delivered several courses on Photography and Digital Editing. While sharing her passion with others, something was re-awoken with a new excitement. The camera has become a vehicle to endless possibilities, a connection to another realm.

Rachel has fun turning the natural known world on it's head. Creating distorted realities fuelled by heavy emotion, anxiety and vivid nightmares. From her rural location in Western Australia, she explores, shoots and transforms. Obscure and isolated worlds of dust and fog, inhabited by dark and surreal creatures. A haunted outback.

Rachel continues to actively and passionately participate in a range of exhibitions, prizes, collaborations and community projects. She resides in her hometown of Geraldton, Western Australia with her partner, two dogs and two cats.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2019     Mid West Art Prize  |  Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.
  • 2018     Petite Pieces  |  Aspire Gallery, Queensland.
  • 2017     Hard Pressed - Steam Roller Prints  |  Old Boy's School, Fremantle.
  • 2017     Hard Pressed - Steam Roller Prints  |  The Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance.
  • 2017     Hard Pressed - Steam Roller Prints  |  ACDC Gallery, Geraldton.
  • 2016     ArtDrive Midwest  |  Public Artworks, Walkaway.
  • 2015     Baker Williamson Art Prize  |  Baker Williamson Studios, Geraldton
  • 2013     SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Seeing Stars Art Prize  |  Yarra Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2013     Midwest Art Prize  |  Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.
  • 2010     Monster Mash - Solo Exhibition  |  ACDC Gallery, Geraldton.