ArtDrive Midwest

ArtDrive 2016

In 2016, I participated in the first ever ArtDrive Midwest.  ArtDrive is a self drive tour of colourful and diverse artworks installed publicly throughout the Midwest region. There were 22 pieces in total, though unfortunately I was unable to see them all in person. Those I did have the privilege to visit - I photographed of course! Which one is your favourite?

The theme was generous, allowing for works entered around farming life, wildflowers and Aboriginal culture. The route was 270kms in total, which took around 5 hours to complete. ArtDrive 2016 ran from 13th of August unit the end of October.

I participated in two collaborative artworks; Recycling the Season with Andrew Mills & Jane Greenlees (first place winner for Greenough) and Where the Wild Things Grow with Kim Tetlow.

ArtDrive 2016

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