Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders

The Cabinet of Wonders

by Artist Rod McRae

I was more than a little excited to be attending the opening of Wunderkammer: The Cabinet of Wonders by Artist Rod McRae at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery. I bought along my Fuji x100s and was almost over whelmed viewing these intriguing, wondrous pieces.

The artworks have been created from ethically sourced taxidermy, and were beautifully and dramatically lit by the gallery - a perfect photo opportunity. I love to capture the strange and unusual.

To make the most of the moody lighting and shadows around these immortalized animals, I turned off my flash and bumped up the ISO. I opened the aperture right up to let in as much light as possible, which also created the beautiful dept of field in these shots. This allows for shooting at a fast enough shutter speed to avoiding having to use a tripod.

If you would like to purchase prints, find out more about the Artist Rod McRae or the concept behind each of his artworks, you can visit his website here

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