Welcome to studio 8T4 blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Artist and Designer.

Welcome to studio 8T4

Thanks for Dropping in

After struggling to maintain two websites, three instagram pages, two Facebook pages, twitter and more - I decided it was time for a serious change. Welcome to studio 8T4 - a selection of my creative works and projects conveniently showcased in one location!

I wanted this big transition underway and in place for the quickly approaching new year. With a brand new year, comes new and exciting opportunities. New exhibitions, artworks, design jobs and more...

Some of you have asked me;

Why studio 8T4?

Well, once in the process up overhauling my website and social media pages, a new unifying domain name was required. And there's nothing quite like a domain availability search to make you feel entirely generic.

Never Give Up

Any good possibilities I could think of with my name or any variation of them, were already registered! Over several hours (actually DAYS) of brainstorming I tried a few rachelsstudio, rwstudio options and much more. Taken.

But the studio wording stuck in my head and I thought studio84 would be pretty cool, since 1984 is my birth year. Taken. Like everything else under the dam sun.

But then I remembered how we used to write it - back in our school days (because we were so cool you see). Actually hyper with excitement, I did one finally domain search for the availability of www.studio8T4.com

Welcome to studio 8T4 blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Artist and Designer.

AVAILABLE!!! I registered that shit asap.

And now I love it. It works as a perfectly to contain all my thoughts and endeavours. It speaks of a creative space. My creative space and mind. Not more heavily weighted towards one practice over another. It also worked perfectly when merging and renaming all of my social pages, making it much easier to find me online. Happy Days!

#project8T4 officially begins 2017.

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Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver

Freelance Creative at studio 8T4
Aussie Freelancer with a love for Art, Graphic Design and Photography, who has been rocking a creative existence since 1984 - powered by puff pastry and the desire to teach, learn, encourage and connect with others.

Horror buff, animal lover, skull collector & long time Tomb Raider gamer.
Geraldton, Western Australia.
Rachel Weaver

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