Giovanni the Bog Monster living amongst the venus flytraps, pitcher plants and sundews in a carnivorous plant bog garden. Fantasy creature art doll by Rachel Weaver.

Meet Giovanni the Bog Monster

It's Playtime - finally!

Due to several awesome (but quite large) art projects this year, I haven't had much time at all to just play around in my studio. But I've been itching to get downstairs, and have been squirrelling away glitters and glow powders in anticipation while silently concocting ideas in the back of my brain. Since drawing up my Hard Pressed woodcut Beware the Bog Monsters that Dwell in my Savage Garden I've been seriously inspired to get sculpting again. That's right - it's finally time to bring Bog Monsters to life!

Polymer is my medium of choice and may have been the ulterior motive behind reconditioning my old clay stash. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new Kato Polyclay Concentrates to mix some custom colours for his beautiful blue and purple stripes.

I spent many hours building my first little Bog Monster up in gradual layers and details, being sure to capture the original features shown in my woodcut and sketches. This included the all important glowing star on the forehead and stitched face. Finally it was time for baking! I was truly concerned for his welfare (due to an overcooking incident earlier in the week) and time ticked over ever so slowly while I sat and waited in terror...luckily my good friend Deb gifted me a thermometer for my toaster oven.

It's Alive...Alive!

Luckily my little Bog Monster survived baking without incident and I added the final sparkling touches. I let him frolic freely in my Carnivorous Bog Garden amongst the pitchers, flytraps and sundews while I got the adoption paperwork all organised.

I Dub Thee...

After much contemplation, I decided to name him Giovanni as it sounded both distinguished and adventurous. I filled out his official Certificate of Adoption and he went off to live happily in his new home with the lovely Debbie Crothers where he can eat all the brussel sprouts and finger nails his little heart desires.

If you'd like to adopt one of your very own, the #👹bogmonsters are now in a breeding program and beginning to multiply. In the meantime, here's a few more pics of Giovanni in his natural carnivorous habitat.

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver

Freelance Creative at studio 8T4
Rachel Weaver is a Freelance Artist, Designer and Photographer who creates in a wide variety of media. Her work often exploring the quirky and macabre with an emphasis on dramatic light and shadow. Blending the lines between the reality of our natural world and the realm of fantasy, Rachel loves to bring unusual creatures to life. An eternal passion for horror creeps quietly into her pieces, combined with a wild imagination and a generous touch of personality.

Rachel continues to actively and passionately participate in a range of exhibitions, prizes, collaborations and community projects. She resides in her hometown of Geraldton, Western Australia with her partner, two dogs, two cats and carnivorous plant collection.
Rachel Weaver

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