Guest Post

Guest Post


Contribute Your Knowledge

Are you an Artist, Designer, Photographer or Freelance Creative? Do you have some valuable knowledge to share with our fellow readers? If you are interested in submitting a guest post, send me a brief  pitch for consideration.

Initially Include;

  • A few sentences outlining your concept and a relevant title.
  • A brief indication of how or why you are qualified to write about it.
  • I will respond regarding whether or not I believe your content will be suitable.

If Confirmed Suitable, Please Supply;

  • The completed article typed within an email or word doc. I will respond within a week to let you know if it has been successfully accepted for publication on studio 8T4.
  • Include quality photographs, taken yourself or sourced honourably with the correct licence.
  • A short author bio (1-2 sentences) and a profile image.
  • Your main social links, website and job title.

Please Note;

  • Your article must not have been previously published, or be simultaneously pending approval elsewhere at the time of submission.
  • I reserve the right to edit the article at my discretion, for readability and Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Web articles are best written in sections. Short paragraphs and sub-headings make easy reading. Write in in your own voice, so our readers feel a connection to you.
  • If your initial pitch or final article is not accepted by studio 8T4 please do not be offended. Feel free to then submit elsewhere for consideration.

Some Post Idea's 

  • Art, Design & Photography related Product Reviews.
  • Tutorials and How To's.
  • A useful Art, Design or Photographic technique.
  • Advice to achieve success as a Creative.
  • Motivational or encouraging posts.
  • Advice on Freelancing
  • Advice on promoting yourself as a Creative.
  • Building collectors, exhibiting and selling Your Work.
  • Art, Design & Photography history, theory or therapy.
  • An Artist, Designer or Photographer Interview.
  • Document your Creative Process or A Day in Your Studio.
  • These are just some general idea's - I'm sure you have many more!