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Kato Polyclay Concentrate Colours Review

Concentrating Hard on Concentrates

After putting in some dedicated time to renew ALL of my old polymer clay, I decided to treat myself with a few new bits and pieces (it is Christmas after all). In an effort not to get completely carried away and over whelmed with all of the beautiful shades out there, I narrowed down my wishlist using a more logical approach. I decided the Kato Polyclay Concentrates by Donna Kato looked like the way to go and purchased a few different whites (such as pearl, glitter and translucent) to go with them.

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Rachel Weaver studio 8T4 blog post. Atelier Drawing Ink & Speedball Dip Pen Product Review.

Speedball Dip Pen & Atelier Drawing Ink Review

Which is the Best Dip Pen?

I was super excited to receive my dip pen in the post a couple of weeks ago, and I finally found the time to sit down and try it out! Not having much experience in dip pens, I was pretty happy to stumble upon a set specifically for cartooning, rather than calligraphy. As I was wanting to try it out as a medium for illustration purposes, it sounded like the most promising choice for me. Now you can read all about it, right here in my Speedball Dip Pen Review.

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M. Graham Watercolor Paints Review blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Freelance Artist and Designer Geraldton.

M. Graham Watercolor Paints Review

A bit about M. Graham & Co

M. Graham is an American company which was founded 22 years ago by a couple of artists who shared a passion for quality artist supplies. They are environmentally minded – dedicated to solvent free manufacturing, re-purposing older equipment and keeping production waste low. Among their product range, are the M. Graham Watercolor Paints. Continue reading

Member Berries for Christmas blog post. The blog of Rachel Weaver, Artist and Designer.

MAD Clay by Blackwattle Pottery Review

Model Air Drying Clay by Blackwattle Pottery

MAD Clay is an air dry clay which hardens without firing or baking. Similar to DAS air dry clay, which I have used over the years but certainly not fallen in love with. Though I'll admit that I haven't used DAS anytime recently, and would interested to see if it has changed.

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