Bog Monsters 2017

About Bog Monsters

Revealed by moonlight beneath the glittering stars, Bog Monsters wait patiently to give you a fright. But they’re quite friendly really - just look at those smiles. They just want to play with your pieces amongst the hungry flytraps, glistening sundews and pitfall pitchers.

Each Bog Monster is hand sculpted in polymer clay and adorned with glitters, holographic powders, foils and glow in the dark accents. Each one is unique in name, appearance and personality - truely one of a kind artworks. Adopt a Bog Monster into your family today.

Name: Giovanni

Favourite Foods: Brussel Sprouts & Finger Nails

Name: Woodrow

Favourite Foods: Pizza Crusts & Dandruff

Name: Eleanor

Favourite Foods: Sherbet & Toad Secretions

Name: Minty

Favourite Foods: Candy Canes & Charcoal

Name: Florence

Favourite Foods: Dried Apricots & Spider Webs

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